Have a bone to pick with sb

Перетирать, сводить счеты, улаживать неприятное дело с кем-либо

to want to talk to someone about something annoying they have done

Now, I have a bone to pick with you.
У меня к тебе серьёзный разговор.
Нам с тобой надо кое-что перетереть.

История возникновения (одна из версий):
"Bone to pick," dates back to the 16th century, simply refers to a dog chewing endlessly on, and "picking clean," a large bone. A "bone to pick" is thus a subject or issue that is expected to require considerable discussion or argument. A similar phrase, "bone of contention," meaning an issue over which two people argue, also dates back to the 1500s and refers, appropriately, to two dogs fighting over an especially choice bone.

In the States, the meaning is the same. A 'bone to pick' is an issue to be discussed and resolved between individuals.

swing for the fences

упираться рогом, вкалывать по полной

1. baseball Literally, to put all one's power into one's swing while batting so as to try to hit a home run.
All they need is two more runs to win the game, so you can bet their star batter will come out swinging for the fences.
Никогда до конца не понимал смысла бейсбола, но в данном случае имеется в виду выбить мяч к забору, чтобы у подающего было время оббежать игровую площадку.

2. By extension, to put forward one's maximum amount of effort or energy (into or toward something); to act or perform with great intensity or effort.
I wasn't sure about their state-appointed lawyer at first, but I was well impressed when he came out swinging for the fences on day one of the trial.

3. INFORMAL•US Attempt to satisfy high aspirations that are very difficult to achieve.
The management team is really swinging for the fences

Get (one's) hackles up

To become or cause to become angry, hostile, defensive, or irritable.
John got his hackles up when his parents brought up the subject of college.
Election season always gets my dad's hackles up.

Ощетиниваться, вставать на дыбы, спускать всех собак, срываться с цепи

Jack's had his hackles up ever since you left.
Джек ходит сам не свой с тех пор, как ты уехала./Джек едва не срывается по каждому поводу на брань с тех пор, как ты уехала.

"Virgin River", S2E1.

Look what the cat dragged in!

О! Какие люди!
informal. — used to call attention to someone who has entered the room or area.
Фразу говорят тогда, когда хотят привлечь внимание к персоне, только что вошедшей в круг некоторой компании.

Let sleeping dogs lie

не буди лихо, пока оно тихо

said to warn someone that they should not talk about a bad situation that most people have forgotten about

Наверно, это противоположное значение "расставлять все точки над i". То есть, знать, что проблема существует, но не пытаться её решить, пока она не требует решения.

Пример, откуда, собственно, полез смотерть значение.
"Virgin River", S1E6.
Речь шла о ветеране войны, который возложил на себя миссию - вернуть всех своих подчиненных домой живыми, и который никак из этой миссии не выйдет, даже спустя 10 лет после возвращения. И вот его друга спрашивают - может этому ветерану самому помощь нужна? Ведь, он сам может страдать от бывших проблем. И этот друг отвечает:
"Bit of advice. Wherever you are going with this... I wouldn't. See, Jack believes in letting sleeping dogs lie"
"Небольшой совет. Как бы ты это не хотела решить... Я бы не стал. Понимаешь, Джек верит, что не стоит будить лиха, пока оно тихо"

Give (someone) a run for his/her/your/their money

- to compete very well against someone so that it is hard for them to defeat you
- to make it difficult for (someone) to win a game or contest by trying hard and playing or performing well
Though they lost, they gave last year's champions a run for their money.
- составить хорошую конкуренцию (кому-л.)

I think you'd have given your father a run for his money.
Я думаю, ты бы составил конкуренцию своему отцу.

("Harry Potter and the prisoner of Azkaban", сцена когда Гарри первый раз удачно исполняет заклятье Патронуса)
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Тащить на плечах; пристроиться; воспользоваться; за чей-то счет, и т. п.

“Russian hackers piggy-backed on an Iranian cyber-espionage operation to attack government and industry organizations in dozens of countries".

Merriam-Webster dictionary:
Have you ever wondered where the porcine part of piggyback comes from? Well, it's not from the pigs themselves. The adverb piggyback likely began as "a pick pack."

The first known use of 'piggyback' dates back to 1565.
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Monkey work, Donkey work

Monkey work, monkey job - useless, monotonous tasks assigned to someone capable of more challenging work. Ср. Мартышкин труд.
"I just got demoted at my job. What I'm doing now is frickin' monkey work".

Donkey work - hard work; the least attractive part of a project. Ишачий труд.
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Dog and pony show

Работа на публику, показуха.

An event designed to impress people in order to make them buy or believe something and distract attention away from the sheer uselessness of the actual act.

- There's nothing you can say to convince me to go to that dog and pony show, unless it actually was a show featuring dogs and ponies.